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Queen⚣Screenings indexes free movies on other websites that feature significant gay characters (mostly gay men).
Initial English articles (A, AN,THE) are ignored in alphabetizing titles:
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This Queen⚣Screenings listing @ blogspot is a focused companion to the original, more comprehensive indexes at Queen⚣Screen.WordPress.com, which include not only the films indexed here, but also selected general-interest titles, such as free "classics" and those featuring gay icons or noteworthy "beefcake." Queen⚣Screen also indexes:
* Documentaries * TV Shows & Web Series * Musicals & Operas * Music Videos & Concerts * Stand-up Comedy.


QueenScreenings.blogspot.com is a nonprofit resource for locating free movies and movie-related images available on other websites. No videos are produced, hosted or solicited by QueenScreenings, which assumes no responsibility for any content on other websites. Questions and concerns about indexed videos should be directed to the websites where they are located, or to the original producers.
Links are for personal, non-commercial use only.
All of the offsite movies linked to are provided by unaffiliated, licensed streaming services and prominent social networking/media hosts classified as “safe” by McAfee, Norton and ScamAdvisor, and which comply with DMCA requirements, including removing titles at the discretion of copyright holders. Even so, videos on social-networking sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.) are excluded from the QueenScreenings index unless uploaded by the producers or licensed distributors, or unless a specific title has already been permitted to remain online for free streaming for a year or longer without objection from the producers or their agents. If, however, producers/distributors prefer availability of their media not be reported here, upon their notification Queen⚣Screenings will promptly remove specified titles from this index. NOTIFY QUEEN⚣SCREENINGS.

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